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Accordion Shutters

Accordions Shutters are an attractive, highly effective system, engineered to protect your home from a storm. Utilizing a unique interlocking, folding blade design, Accordion Shutters can cover very large spans, yet fold away for an unobstructed view.

Convenient Protection from Hurricanes & Intruders

Permanently mounted, Accordion Shutters offer an affordable and durable means of protection from both storms and intruders. They come standard with a key lock on each shutter, further enhancing your homes security. The shutters can be operated from the inside or outside of the home, making 2nd floor deployment fast and simple.

Versatile and Easy to Deploy

Accordion Shutters are extremely versatile, covering small, large, even radial openings and mounting over windows, doors, balconies and lanais. And, because they are permanently mounted, you simply slide them closed, lock them up and enjoy the confidence of ultimate protection from storms, intruders, noise, and sun, anything you want to keep out.

Colors Available

White Ivory Beige Bronze